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    Hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, are a painful disease that decreases the quality of life. In general, the symptoms may be a harbinger of another disease. Symptoms such as bleeding in the breech, changes in defecation or irregularity and pain should never be neglected. Symptoms of hemorrhoids may be similar to many important diseases

    The anal area, which is one of the sensitive parts of the body, is formed in and around; 90% of complaints such as bleeding, pain, swelling, discharge, itching; hemorrhoids, breach cracks, and inflammation, abscess, and fistula are caused by diseases such as. These diseases may occur due to age, sex, familial tendency (hereditary) and other diseases. Diseases of the anal region can be a precursor of chronic intestinal diseases and large bowel tumors with a 10% incidence in the community. For this reason, especially patients over 40 years of age who have pain, swelling and bleeding symptoms in the breech should consult a general surgery specialist.

    We can say that hemorrhoids are more common in people with malnutrition and wrong toilet habits, stress, familial predisposition.

    Still, life, sitting or standing for a long time, consuming bitter and spicy foods, not consuming vegetables and fiber foods, excess weight may be among the other causes of hemorrhoids.

    Hemorrhoids are more frequently encountered in pregnant and overweight people because of the increased pressure on the veins in the hips and legs.

    Hemorrhoids is a disorder with a high incidence in our society and disrupt comfort.


    What should hemorrhoid patients pay attention to?

    He may complain about the treatment of hemorrhoids. Olive oil dishes and fiber foods should be consumed, drink 2-3 liters of water a day. The toilet doesn’t stay long.

    Red is limited to make it possible. Instead, carbohydrate-based foods such as pastries, rice and pasta should also be reduced.

    External hemorrhoids are usually working for a long time considering the head of the office and long road drivers. To avoid sitting for a long time, if possible, so that hemorrhoids do not become a health problem.

    The prevalence of hemorrhoids is high among individuals with chronic constipation, pregnant women and individuals with genetic predisposition from the family. It is important that people in this group regulate their lifestyle before the disease emerges.

    Hot pepper and spices irritate the area with hemorrhoids problem. Spicy and plenty of tomato sauce and spices should not be consumed.

    Stages of hemorrhoids;

    Stage: Hemorrhoids are manifested by bleeding. Small bleedings may contaminate the toilet paper or sometimes in the form of drops. Hemorrhoids do not sag at this stage. However, it is revealed by rectoscope.

    Stage: Hemorrhoids hang out with defecation and go back spontaneously outside.

    Stage: Hemorrhoids breasts no longer exit the anus. Only deleting it with the finger can be brought back to the anus. They often pay and cause pain.

    Stage: The stage in which hemorrhoids hang out of the rectum. The nipples are deep, big and wet. If there is a complete inability to cleanse after a large ablution, there is contamination of the underwear and pain may occur while sitting.

    What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

    Common hemorrhoid symptoms;

    Pain or burning sensation during defecation

    Rectal bleeding (Fresh red bleeding from the rectum)

    Swelling, discharge or wetness in the breech


    Irregularity in defecation

    It is divided into two as internal and external hemorrhoids.

    External hemorrhoids; Generally, it does not cause discomfort other than palpable skin blisters. However, thrombosed external hemorrhoids can cause severe pain and swell with clot sitting in the veins.

    Internal hemorrhoids; It consists of 4 stages according to the course of the disease.

    First Degree; It is the stage where small hemorrhages can be seen in which the hemorrhoid packs in the normal state increase in number and size. There is no sagging in the hemorrhoid packs.

    Second Degree; During defecation, hemorrhoid pouches may sag, returning to normal spontaneously.

    Third-degree; Complaints such as bleeding, itching, and wetness are seen. Sags can go back with intervention.

    Fourth Degree; Bleeding, itching, wetness, and severe pain are observed.

    The first two stages of hemorrhoids can be treated easily and easily, while the third and fourth stage hemorrhoids can be treated successfully by surgical intervention or laser treatment.

    Contrary to the fear in hemorrhoid disease, examination and treatment are short-lived and complaints can be resolved with appropriate treatment method in a short time.

    Although the pain experienced after the surgical intervention varies according to the person, the laser intervention at the appropriate stage can be restored to normal life on the same day.

    Laser hemorrhoid surgery is a comfortable and highly successful procedure that does not require hospitalization and dressing. Contrary to popular belief, only the hemorrhoid packs are applied to the muscles found for defecation, so there is no fear in the future.

    Another important point is that the treatment or surgical intervention in hemorrhoids should be selected correctly according to the individual and the stage of the hemorrhoids and should not be confused with other diseases of the breached region.