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    Simple help stomach related balloon application. In this method, the endoscope skeleton is placed in a balloon filled with internal fluid or air in the stomach with mild anesthesia. This process is for 15-20 minutes. This reduces the food intake of the stomach and quickly gets saturated. With this method, they gain 7-8 pounds for several months. However, this balloon is removed in the body for 6 months, maximum 1 year ago and again within 5-6 minutes by the endoscopic route. Although it is advantageous to perform a simple procedure and a permanent system in the body, after the balloon removal, if the patient can change his lifestyle and continue his diet, the weight loss can be recovered. However, how to use the contents of 6 months-1 years? Nowadays, this method, which has gradually lost its popularity, is either too risky to undergo surgery or as a preparation for basic morbid obesity surgery without super obese planning. Ideal for options with a BMI of 30-40kg / m2.

    This application is not used in special fluids and package diets, normal foods can be consumed.

    Stomach Balloon is applied temporarily in adults between the ages of 18-65 who could not lose weight as a result of diet and exercise applications. Application period may vary between 6 months or 1 year depending on the product used. Body mass index is between 25-30 (mild obese) and 30-35 (obesity) and the risk of metabolic disturbance is 35-40 (3rd degree obese). and those who cannot remove the obesity surgery operations or who do not want to perform surgery even if they have these characteristics, and those who need to lose weight before obesity surgery with a value of 40 (morbid obesity) and above are suitable for gastric balloon operation. If the patients who have reached morbid obesity level according to BMI (body mass index) value and are not suitable for obesity surgery, weight gain is provided to prevent the obesity damage caused by balloon application to the stomach. Or it is applied to patients who have more than 10-15 pounds but cannot lose weight through diet and exercise. It is preferred because it does not have a surgical method, it does not need to stay in the hospital, it is discharged within 1-2 hours after the procedure, it does not have risks such as surgical procedures, it gives a feeling of satiety, it is sedated by sedation (no serious anesthesia intake), it is preferred because it helps weakening (weakening).


    How is the stomach balloon applied?

    With this application, weight loss starts in a very short time. By endoscopy, the stomach balloon is placed into the stomach and a special fluid is filled. As a procedure preparation, the patient should be fasting for at least 8 hours before the procedure and ideally for 12 hours. In order to ensure that the patient is comfortable during the application, medication is applied to relax and give him sleep. Thus, the patient is anesthetized. Before the balloon application, endoscopy is performed to ensure that the patient does not have any stomach problems, and the patient’s esophagus, stomach, and duodenum are examined. If a stomach condition is detected by preventing the placement of the balloon during the endoscopy, the balloon operation is not performed. If this is not the case, the balloon lubricated with a special gel is gently delivered from the esophagus to the stomach. The balloon is filled with a special amount of liquid. After the procedure, the patient is rested for 30-60 minutes. He is discharged after rest and can continue his daily life.

    What are the risks, side effects, and complications?

    The side effects of gastric balloon application are negligible. Complications such as ulcers, reflux, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, obstruction and perforation may occur after the application. But there are very few cases that encounter these.

    Nutrition and Diet

    Nutrition in the first 3-4 days

    In the first days, because of stomach contractions, cramps, nausea, and vomiting, the fluid diet should be applied. It should be avoided by foods that will stimulate the stomach and increase contractions. High-protein liquids such as lactose-free milk, buttermilk, broth, the chicken broth should be preferred in order to avoid unsweetened compote water or gas. Paste, spices, oil, lemon, onion, and garlic should not be placed when cooking to prevent the stomach from making meat/chicken broth. Since caffeine stimulates the stomach too much, coffee consumption should be avoided in the first days. In addition, fruit juices with high acid content should be avoided.

    After nausea and cramps have passed, it is necessary to switch to light, puree-free foods that will not exhaust the stomach in the first place. For example; yogurt, vegetable puree, etc. solid nutrition is no longer when you feel completely good.

    Nutrition Tips to Consider

    Slimming with stomach bubble is closely related to one’s diet. People who wear balloons are less likely to eat, and the nutritional model is more or less automatically involved in your life. Selection in foods should first be directed to foods with high protein content. The solid-liquid separation must be done before and after the meal should not be consumed for 1 hour. This will ensure adequate and balanced nutrition and prevent your stomach from expanding. Carbonated drinks should not be consumed. Eating, donuts should be reduced and eaten in a vertical position. Very fatty, fried foods should be avoided as they increase the complaints of reflux and increase the daily calorie intake.

    Is it necessary to diet when the balloon is inserted?

    Stomach balloon is provided in a shorter period of satiety, but the calorie content of your meals is important. In the meantime, you will need to follow a diet with a calorie restriction and fit your lifestyle. Thanks to your nutrition programs in this process, you should learn the right nutrition and make it a habit. Already in this process will provide you more convenience balloon. The important thing is healthy food preferences. Thus, you can easily manage to lose weight with the stomach balloon.