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    Botulinum toxin (botox) application to the stomach is a relatively new method of weight loss that is endoscopically injected with Botulinum toxin in certain parts of the stomach. In this method, the contraction of the stomach muscles is limited and gastric emptying time is delayed and the patient loses appetite; weight loss is achieved. After the application lasting 15-20 minutes, the appetite and the muscles of the stomach which are effective on hunger and appetite are disabled for 4-6 months. prolonged stay, prolonged toughness, less food is more easily saturated and weight loss is aimed.

    Stomach Botox can actually be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight. This procedure is not an obesity surgery. However, there are certain criteria for applicable patients.

    It is a suitable method for those who cannot lose weight properly with diet and sports.

    Gastric Botox is not recommended in patients with a body mass index of over 40 and who can be successful with obesity surgery.

    The body mass index of the patients to be treated with stomach botox should be below 40. In other words, it is applied to individuals who cannot lose weight by dieting and exercise with a body mass index between 27-35 and having an excess of 10-20 pounds. At this point, patients who are overweight but not obese enough to be operated and who want to lose weight are the ideal patient group.

    In patients with gastric ulcers or gastritis, firstly, after proper treatment of these diseases, gastric botox can be applied.

    Are there any side effects of Stomach Botox?

    Botox is widely used to reduce wrinkles mainly on the skin and its dangerous side effects are not known. Since gastric botox is a standard endoscopic procedure, there are no significant side effects reported in the literature. The procedure is not suitable for people with muscle disease and people with allergies to botox.

    How long does the botox process take?

    Stomach botox is not an obesity surgery

    It is an endoscopic procedure by mouth.

    No incision

    The procedure takes an average of 20 minutes.

    Patients are anesthetized with anesthesia physician during the procedure.

    Hospitalization is not necessary.

    Generally, 1-2 hours of observation is sufficient after the procedure.

    Within 3 days after the application of gastric botox, appetite reduction and appetite control are achieved.

    What is the expectation of stomach botox application?

    Patients are expected to lose 10-15% of their total weight over a period of 3-6 months. Amount of weight given; age, metabolic rate, and frequency of exercise.